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The Spirit.....One Of The Biggest Waste Of Time In My Life!!!!

Ok, I just came out of the cinema after watching The Spirit and the first thing on my mind was.....WTH???? That was a complete waste of my money and life....Seriously.....It was a bit disappointing when I saw that it was directed by the director of the movie 300. I expected it to be cool and bloody but what I got was boringness and stupidity. I mean, the storyline was rather predictable and the monologue in the movie was so meaningless, sleeping would have been a better option than watching it. I mean, it was always talking out loud and absolutely fake.

It's also rather offensive in the sense that the female is portrayed as the weaker sex in resisting his charm. Samuel L. Jackson portrays a Nazi and........

I don't need to explain any further....It's stupid....and it's not worth watching. Donate the money to charity. It's better than paying for the ticket.

My New Computer Game - Fallout 3!!


I have just acquired one of the most anticipated game so far. To those of you who have played the game Far Cry 2 and loved the graphics, then Fallout 3 is 100 times better with a lot of real time movement and actions. This first person shooter has people flocking the stores to get them. But be aware of the exorbitant requirements. To those of you who have less then an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT graphic card, don't bother playing this game. So the graphic is top notch. But sadly, this game is not a really cheerful game as it is a game with a storyline similar to those of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Bioshock.

But there is something that sets aside this FPS game from the rest. Unlike other games which usually introduce a teen or middle age character and introducing you to his or her job of shooting and killing, Fallout 3 starts from the beginning. And I mean it literally. You will have to start from the age of infancy and then to teen and later all the way through the stages of your life. …

Laziness Can Cause Pain.....Seriously

Alright....Today, I decided that it's time to get some intensive workout.(either that or my mum keeps asking me to exercise). I cranked up the treadmill and decided to go running. I got the machine powered up, my favourite song ready and of I went. One important thing......I forgot my shoes. Or more likely, I was lazy to tie my shoelace. So there I was, running on a treadmill without my shoes on. And after running for 15 minutes, my feet was burning like hell. The friction between the belt and my feet generated heat of up to 70 degrees Celsius (talk about big surface area). The pain was so excruciating that I couldn't even walk for a whole 5 minutes. Now, there is a boil on my sole. So, I'll try not to be lazy next time.....cause it seriously hurts. Walking on water is also hard.

Lesson learned, don't run on a treadmill without'll regret it.

The Right To Speed.

Have you seen the old movies of car chases where the police try to catch the hero who almost broke the land speed record? Remember movies like The Dukes of Hazzard, Bullitt and my personal favourite, Gone in 60 Seconds starring Nicholas Cage. Sometimes, the police just find ways to keep the people down. I mean the speed limit is as low as 110 km/h which is completely bollocks. Mostly the police would lose but they don't like to REALITY. One prime example is the Malaysian Police Force. They just got a new bad boy to keep up with the throttle happy racers.

The 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer promises a new hope for them. Or does it. Yes, it is lightweight. Yes, it has 300bhp from a milk bottle sized engine. And yes it's fuel economical. Seems like the perfect pursuit vehicle for the police force. It's actually a race car turned enforcement vehicle. But they forgot an important rule. Who are they actually catching? Yes, the tuners like Mazda, Toyota and Nissan (no offense …

Desert Eagle vs. Smith and Wesson 500

Two guns have claimed to be the most powerful production weapons on Earth.
In the red corner, weighing 4 pounds fully loaded and 10 inches long, the champion for 10 years straight, The Desert Eagle 50 with a legendary firepower and fame among gun enthusiasts around the world. And in the blue corner, the newcomer, weighing 6 pounds fully loaded and 15 inches long, The Smith and Wesson 500.

Both guns can easily hold the title of 'most powerful gun' . Both fire a half an inch in diameter bullet. Both weigh more than a normal handgun. Both have enough recoil energy to break a guys arm. Both have enough power to stop an elephant. But will the newcomer take the crown away from the reigning king?

Smith and Wesson 500 (Handcannon)
This gun is a revolver.
Fires a .500 Magnum bullet capable of blowing big holes in everything.
Capable of a one hit K.O.
Holds 5 rounds instead of 6 due to its size.
Double action revolving or selected single action.
Overall length of 15 inches.
Difficult to conceal.

Leadership Training Course 2008

A year has passed since I joined the board and I'm officially under a new term of 08/09. The ship is under a new command with many new faces manning the decks. Honestly, before LTC, I had slight doubts on the new command but with some good people I know at the helm, I sighed in relieve. But the new faces in the board still spelled a gap in between. I'm not accustomed to their styles and personality. I am usually agressive and comical. I'm a hot headed prefect who has only one objective.... get those irritating specimens. (or in short.....HARDCORE STUDENTS!!!!) Sometimes, considering killing them isn't such a bad idea.

Then, LTC came and it seemed my understanding and personality took a 180 degree turn. I stayed with room mates I'm not used to talk to and now we are close friends. I got to know every other prefect a whole lot better and there are no longer any prejudices about others in my noggin'. I learned to be less agressive against students. I learned to put…

BMW M3.....Overheating Problems.

What happens when you take a BMW M3 and push it to the limits? You get overheating problems. My friend Frederick took his car to the workshop for torque testing. I followed as I had 'nothing better to do'. Under the hood was a V8 engine which is a lot louder than you think it is. 3 minutes through the test and a burning metal smell can be detected. At 5 minutes, the engine was pushed to 8000 rpm's and the radiator valve was hissing. By now, the exhaust was glowing red hot and suddenly, it turned in to a jet engine. Flames shot out like a flame thrower and the car was brought back to 2000 rpm's.

Finally, the results came in and it had an overload in torque. Sadly, that stunt caused a rupture in the engine and we had no car to return home in. So, we went in a BMW, returned in a Proton. Where's our face going to be? In the nearby dumpster.

PS: This is what it would look like to you ding dongs who cant differentiate.

Timothy Ong.....A Friend, A Brother, A Leader.

As we all know, a great friend, Timothy will be leaving for Taiping, his new port of call. To those of you who don't know him, his one of the best damn people anyone has known. He's determined, understanding andcompassionate. I've known him for a very long time and I've never regretted once ever meeting him. He's an incredible break-dancer who could put any professional to shame. He's a steadfast prefect who has the integrity of the Grid Iron's.

So before he leaves, I want everyone to pray for him. May he have a great life and a brand new start in the new town. May he get peace of mind wherever he travels.May God look over him as God has looked over us.
In short, he's a great friend, great brother and a great leader.

From left : Timothy and me.

My First Prefects Outing

The announcement was made that my commission was to have an outing on 2nd June 2008. At first, it was to be held at Ruben's house but due to minor setbacks, we ended up at our comm. heads house. It was quite nice as a few of the members were already there. When everyone arrived, let the grub flow. Barbecue, fried food and everything else which is yummy to the tummy.

Later, all the junior prefects got a little taste of outings. I should have detected something amidst when senior Li Xing commented, "Nice pants." As we gathered round for a sharing period, we all gave our opinions and shared our feelings. Then reflection time came. We all closed our eyes and reflected on our life as a prefect. Suddenly, a water balloon hit me and I was soaking wet. Ok, payback time.

We continued the water fight until everyone was soaking wet. It was really cool. And I just realized one thing. We are all together as one. A team.......who is soaking wet.

The pictures are of commission members, s…

Joining St. Michael's Prefectorial Board.

Michaelian Prefectorial Board 07/08
Inter-Society Understanding Commission. I'm the tallest boy standing at the rear and my senior is up front cross-legged and my partner is the second person on my right.

Ithas been almost half a year since I've been in service as a Form 4 prefect in St. Michael's ans I must say it has been a wholesome experience. Since the first day I joined St. Michael's, I aspired to be a prefect. The interview was the first time I learned to face my fear of crowds. You are carefully scrutinized by all the high commissioners present and after answering the questions, you leave with a trickle of sweat down your right temple.
The only thing on your mind : " I'm glad that's over. Now, into the hands of Fate!"

A few weeks pass and finally, the results are in and all prefect applicants who passed are being read out. You pray and keep your fingers crossed. Finally, your name is read and you sigh in relieve. But you are not on holiday. You ar…